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One Night Friend Review

Eddy Wright, Editor Overall Rating: 8.7 / 10

Gets You Hot, But Not Bothered!

With the arrival of online dating sites, the world of casual dating took a whole different turn. From no-strings-attached hook-ups to romantic relationships, traditional dating, finding a one-night stand, and more, online dating sites offer something for everyone's tastes. If dating by the book is your thing, many online sites can fulfill that need and connect you to users who are in for the same experiences as you are.

However, when you want something a bit more risqué and sultry, adult dating sites are happy to introduce you to fun, passionate, and off-the-hook matches that love nothing more than a good ole' wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.

Providing some of the best casual online dating services and the chance to arrange a consensual one-night tryst is One Night Friend, a platform excelling in casual dating - done right!

Whether you are looking to satisfy your appetites for steamy yet low-key dates, or private and discreet meetups, One Night Friend meets your needs and matches you up with a variety of potential candidates looking for the exact same thing.

If you are interested in satisfying all of your sexual desires and interacting with like-minded users, here is everything you need to know about how One Night Friend operates and the things it offers in terms of dating, socializing, and of course, going wild!

  • Overall Performance 8/10
  • Features 8/10
  • Value 8/10
  • Safety 7/10
  • Ease of Use 7/10

What's the Fuss About?

As one of the leading adult dating sites online, One Night Friend meets your sexiest fantasies and gives you the chance to date out of the ordinary. Perfect for fans of spontaneous trysts, one-night-stand enthusiasts, and those who like their pleasures with some spice on the side, One Night Friend does a great job at matching you up with users who share your bedroom preferences and like having some fun along the way.

If there is one thing to be said about ONF's website, it's that it is quite a welcoming and inviting site. However, it is also important for all users to get properly introduced to the site, the way it works, and the features it provides, in order to make the most of their experience.

Key Features

A great thing about ONF is that it is a platform that boasts various key features its users can play with and explore. For instance, the site introduces a 'Wink' option, which enables you to greet another user that has caught your interest. Next, the site also offers a 'Like Gallery' feature, which enables users to 'heart' a user they like or slide through unremarkable suggestions. Finally, the site provides users with a 'Like Gallery' sibling feature, 'FlirtCast', which duplicates your 'Like Gallery' and lets you scroll through likable suggestions and those who just, well, don't ring your bell.

Site Membership

As a platform, One Night Friend comes with a generous user base, with over 500k American members registered to the site. In terms of a male-to-female ratio, the site is made up of 60% male users, whilst 40% are females, which while not ideal, is far better compared to other adult dating sites.

To meet a decent member, the site urges you to create a slick and smooth opening, and be original in the way you flirt, tease and approach potential matches. In terms of age, ONF is quite interesting and committed to younger crowds, with most members being in their late 20s and early 30s. Given the age demographic, many members on the platform are looking to let some steam off, either after a long-term relationship, or post-divorce. While the site is not the most active on a daily basis, this is mostly because members of the site are quick in finding a decent match and feel no need to look for someone new over and over again.

Signing Up & Site Navigating

As expected, One Night Friend allows a quick and simple registering of new users. Signing up to the platform will take you between 3 to 5 minutes, whereas using it is far faster and simpler. When registering to the site for the first time, you will need to provide an email and basic information about yourself. Once the email is validated, you can start navigating through the page.

As One Night Friend likes keeping things simple for its users, it will require your name, location, age as well as your dating interests, all upon signing up. With this information and by verifying your email address, the site will acknowledge you as a verified member which then facilitates your interaction with other users.

Of course, to make use of all site features, you will likely have to upgrade to a paid membership. Paid features are interesting because the more you upgrade, the more perks you can use in finding a suitable match. While paying for additional features is not always the ideal scenario, ONF offers affordable packages and lower prices than its competitors.

The Profiles

On this adult dating site, members can create their customized profile messages.

In your profile, you will be able to see the last action you took on the site, and you can also post media content to your profile to make it stand out and engage more with others. When creating your profile, you can add a profile photo and a bio about yourself, all of which can be added or changed later on. The good thing about this site is that it allows you to go into detail on your profile and provide as much information as you see fit. In other words, the more detailed your profile, the bigger the chance of you finding a potential match. Of course, some ONF users like being in the shadows and keep that mysterious approach, so you can, too, keep your profile bio as short and concise as you want.

The interesting thing about One Night Friend is that, like Facebook, it allows its members to post status updates. To do that, there are a few site rules you should follow. Such include not posting anything that could alter or disturb other members, or make references regarding your match-up activities. As the site is keen on keeping every member's discretion protected, ensure you are not posting anything out of context or inconsistent with your profile information. While fake profiles tend to roam the page from time to time, as a user, you can report these and ensure you are only interacting with verified and validated members.

Making the First Contact

Although getting interaction is the key mission of most users on One Friend Finder, both live chats and messaging options are entitled to paying users only. On the other hand, browsing through basic profiles and registering to the site is free, but if you want to make an actual move, upgrading to a plan is recommended.

Having a paid account on One Night Friend is great as you can both message other paying members as well as those who have free accounts. But, as only paying members can respond to texts, know that your desired match won't be able to continue the conversation as a free user. The site makes it known that it ensures all members' a safe and private environment.

One Night Friend keeps all users protected through two safety level modes. The basic safety level lets users reach out to you, but to respond, you will have to turn off this mode. Then, there is the 'Full Mode' of safety which prevents messaging between verified and unverified accounts.

If you wish to communicate, however, the site offers an SMS chat, which does not require having a premium account but is still a paid service. Keep in mind that charges on these services are automatic, so you might want to monitor your due dates carefully.

One Night Friend Costs & Packages

One Night Friend takes care of its free-account users. Because of that, the site makes some features free of charge, including the 'Like Gallery'. But, when you opt to create a paid account, you can look forward to many more useful features that make it easier for you to find a match.

Before signing up for a membership plan, take your time to explore your options and the site's perks. For new users, it is smart to wait for discounts or promotions to purchase a membership plan, as it costs far less than regular upgrading. Users who are not ready to commit to a paid account can explore its features by purchasing a 3-day trial, for $1.41 per day. Other subscription plans ONF offers include:

  • One month, for $19.29
  • Three months for $32.45
  • Six months for $52.45

One Night Friend : Pros & Cons

  Members from different countries worldwide   SMS chat and messaging available to paying members only
  Up to 5 minutes to sign up   Filtering users takes time
  Various ways to show interest in user   Unlimited private messaging is a premium membership feature
  Free to browse basic profiles   More men than females on the site
  A hook-up mindset from all users   Email verification required to browse
  Affordable monthly membership
  Free to register & explore the site’s main features
  Two-layer safety options