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Adult Friend Finder Review

Eddy Wright, Editor Overall Rating: 9.6 / 10

Drop It Like It's Hot!

Your days of waiting for the perfect match to arrive from around the corner are done!

In the era of online dating, nothing makes more sense nor poses a better solution for eager daters than finding the perfect online hookup website and getting your sexy adventures on a roll!

Ideal for local browsing, smart filtering, and discovering a plethora of potential matches, online dating sites can be as naughty as you please. But if you find your secret pleasures often shifting to the spicier side, you'll want to try Adult Friend Finder!

With a self-explanatory name, Adult Friend Finder combines the best of casual and off-the-hook trysts, allowing everyone in the mood for some fun to get their groove on. But Adult Friend Finder Isn't your typical dating-as-per-usual platform - the site introduces you to like-minded matches who love the steam, the passion, and the erotic chemistry - minus the drama, emotions, and obligations!

While a fairly new adult dating site, Adult Friend Finder has skyrocketed to fame, all due to its unique performance, the results it delivers, and its irresistible offer: a wide spectrum of matching possibilities!

AFF helps people who are looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies to discover edgier pleasures and have some raunchy fun on the side. Wanna take a walk on the wild side?

  • Overall Performance 10/10
  • Features 10/10
  • Value 10/10
  • Safety 8/10
  • Ease of Use 10/10

Adult Friend Finder in a Nutshell

This site has one purpose and one purpose only: sexy dating, under the radar! So, if your idea of the perfect match is all about the sizzle and sauce, AFF will be a great site to meet your match - and your needs. The site serves as a hook-up platform to thousands of users worldwide. Since its launch, the site's customer support department counted over 339 million created accounts, with more to come almost every minute!

The typical crowd on Adult Friend Finder can vary, so expect to find anyone from sex-powered enthusiasts to fans of booty calls, one-night stands, and the occasional fling. However, you won't find any people who love dating only, flirting, teasing, or potential long-term mates, so if your dating preferences are more traditional, AFF will not serve you well.

But, the site is quite popular among the millions of active users who want to expand their bedroom experience and skills under the sheets.

One of the main reasons why AFF works like a charm is because of the no-effort policy it enforces. Namely, you don't have to sweat finding the best match for you, as the site is designed to connect you to ten times more options than on similar platforms. Regardless of your location, the site will narrow down and specify your search, so it's all basically about knowing your preferences and doing proper research before you get into the action.

Not a Shy Website

Adult Friend Finder covers all sexual preferences and tastes to a ridiculous level, so you can find even the most specific niches there! It doesn't matter if you are single, attached, part of an eager couple, or even just hellishly kinky - this site is dedicated to delivering the best matches in the quickest possible time.

Most adult dating sites deal with a lot of bot activity, unresponsive, or even uninterested users that might kill your motivation in finding a bedroom match.

However, AFF works a bit differently.

The site uses smart filters and categorizations that not only link you to potential dates but do so as soon as you create your profile - and even before you upload a photo. While the site's design is a reminder of the early 00s, its efficiency and deliverance make it stand out from the rest.

Signing up to Adult Friend Finder

Registering on the site is quite smooth and seamless. Without taking too long, the site first requires that you input various information, like your date of birth, zip code, gender (you can choose between man, woman, couple, transsexual, transgender, or transvestite), your gender's match (same options available), your email, and a strong password. If signing up as a couple, you'll have to repeat the steps once more. Aside from technicalities, the site also allows you space to create your own short bio or description, thus elaborating on your desires for potential readers.

Once done, you will receive a confirmation email, and a click later, you'll become an official site member!

Signing up to the site is free, although it offers a few membership plans. Even so, unlike other dating sites, AFF provides more free features to use and even enables users to earn points and use them in exchange for a future membership plan.

Matching Up

The majority of adult dating sites will present only one match at a time, but Adult Friend Finder likes to go big with offers. Oftentimes, their abundant selection can make the site seem overcrowded, but 'the more, the merrier' concept works superbly for most users.

The site's homepage will immediately refer you to members near your location, your new matches, potential users' interest, and VIP members with higher site rankings.

Conversing on Adult Friend Finder

To make the most of AFF's messaging feature, it might be wise to upgrade to a paid membership. You can either pay when registering or when you have gathered enough AFF points. For instance, if you manage to collect 4,400 points, you will be able to unlock a one-month Gold Membership for free.

Points aside, once you get to messaging, you'll find the process quite simple.

The site offers both IM options and regular messages. Choosing one depends on whether you'd like to converse with someone who's also actively online, or create a more indirect interaction. For all of its users as well as newbies, the site also offers the option to send ice-breaking messages or create your own opening statement.

Key Site Features

  • Earning AFF points
  • Messages & IMs
  • Live video streams and nude models
  • Kink filters and search
  • Community forums and discussions
  • Blogging
  • Uploading photos, videos, and albums
  • Adult chat rooms
  • VIP members and memberships


Although creating an account and exploring the site's features is free, communicating with actual users demands tokens. While AFF does not have an excess of payment methods, they offer sufficient options to keep users happy.

While many sites may accept payment methods such as PayPal, checks, bitcoins, and gift cards, AFF only works with major credit cards. These include:

  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Card
  • Visa
  • Diners Club

If you are interested in making your time on the site worthy, these are the credit and payment methods to consider:

  • $39.95 for one month
  • $26.95 for three months
  • $19.95 for a full year

As for the Gold Membership Plans, the site offers:

  • 1 Month Gold Membership for $39.95;
  • 2 Month Gold Membership for $80.85;
  • 3 Month Gold Membership for $239.40.

If planning on using earned points for memberships, here are the site's steps to take:

Adult Friend Finder: Pros & Cons

  Valuable community interaction   Outdated aesthetics
  Kink-friendly and queer   Tricky to use on mobile
  Erotic live streams and videos   Fake profiles, bots and scammers
  Largest AFF network worldwide   Inactive profiles still running on-site
  Easy to find causal NSA sex matches   Unannounced charging options
  Free iOS and Android mobile apps   Less available payment methods
  Solid prices for the features offered   Mismatching with other genders
  Easy interaction with unique fetish fans (ANF or ABF)   Packed on ads and reminders
  24-hour customer support via phone or email; response within 12 hours   Less protection against blocked profiles
  Free to register & explore main features

Moreover, the site features:

  • Hookups and casual dating for all kinks and preferences
  • A variety of methods to establish contact with other users
  • A community mostly composed of men
  • 2,000,000 active users, weekly
  • Suitable for couples sharing one profile
  • Straight, gay, transgender, transsexual, and bisexual match options
  • Requiring basic personal information upon sign up
  • Requires email verification to sign up
  • The option not to show your face in photos

Adult Friend Finder: Safety & Security

A superb safety feature Adult Friend Finder provides is allowing users not to show their faces in photos if they don't feel like it. In terms of digital safety, this option allows you to shield your face from album and profile photos and thus avoid any third-party identification. Nevertheless, many users are in favour of showing their faces in photos and are still guaranteed maximum safety when using the platform.

As a reliable page, Adult Friend Finder incorporates an encryption certificate that helps shield your data, and not collect it. On top of it all, the platform offers users tips and tricks on how to spot and avoid catfishing, especially when messaging other users.