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Ashley Madison Review

Eddy Wright, Editor Overall Rating: 10 / 10

How Bad Do You Want It?

It doesn't matter if you like it or don't, approve or disagree with it, or nurture your own judgments - online dating is so much more than a one-dimensional experience.

As a citizen of the internet, you can't ignore the fact that online dating sites and services actually exist and many people actually use and, guess what - love them!

So, are you willing to dive deep into the naughty world of teasing, provocative and intriguing affairs with a little something hot on the side? Don't worry - plenty of pleasures exist outside the marriage box- and Ashley Madison is leading the pack!

Taking a deep dive into forbidden waters of pleasure, Ashley Madison is one of the modern thrill websites, open to fulfill your utmost erotic needs and keep it all under the radar!

Ashley Madison's exclusive users are all in for the same thing- to find a potential match to have a sexy adventure with, chat, meet up, and get all riled up for secret pleasures for everyone's taste!

  • Overall Performance 10/10
  • Features 10/10
  • Value 10/10
  • Safety 10/10
  • Ease of Use 10/10

What Is Ashley Madison?

A platform created in 2001, Ashley Madison quickly became a favourite among casual daters and users hungry for random flings and sizzling trysts.

On Ashley Madison, you can date casually and have an affair with a potential match near you. In truth, no one really cares why you're there, what brought you in, or why you want to meet someone - as long as what you do stays date casually confidential and fun.

That goes for every user on the site - singles, couples, enamoured users, and casual explorers of pleasure - party low-key and never kiss and tell!

At its essence, the site is intended for people in search of side relationships and extramarital affairs.

As its mission is to encourage affairs without judgment, this site is the universal safe-haven for those looking to play risky.

Ashley Madison caters to a broader audience, aged 22 to 54, and featuring users interested in both monogamous and polygamous affairs, as well as one-night stands and open relationships.

According to the site, you can expect to find a match soon. Once you sign up to the site, upload a profile photo, and create your short bio, the site will next lead you to the Discover section where thousands of potential matches are eager to meet you!

Ashley Madison: Is It Reliable?

Since its beginnings, Ashley Madison has been regarded as one of the finest hookup apps and was classified as discrete, trustworthy, and oh-so-beloved!

To enhance users' privacy and anonymity, the site even encourages the use of blurred photos and the creation of a separate email intended for the site only.

After a 2015 hacking fiasco, Ashley Madison transformed its privacy structure from the core, and now uses SSL encryption systems, trustworthy partners, and their reliable payment services.

In other words, whether you use your credit card or buy credits through PayPal, Ashley Madison will keep your information private and won't show on your billing reports nor will it share your data with third-party apps.

If you are still considering your options, put your worries aside - Ashley Madison is as legit as online dating gets!

Using Ashley Madison: Pros & Cons

In terms of benefits and downsides to using Ashley Madison, here is a short overview of the site's main features:

  Visually appealing website interface   Relationship status needs to be specified
  Simplified registration & straightforward membership plans   No matchmaking or compatibility features
  A wide range of potential matches

In addition, Ashley Madison has:

  • Over 40 million users in 52 countries worldwide
  • Sublime men-to-women ratio
  • Free search bar and multiple filter searches
  • Credit-based membership

Safety Is the Key

There is no doubt that exploring the pleasures 'unseen' and 'forbidden'- from affairs to one-night stands, hookups, and more - is a fantasy to indulge in!

And yet, when safety is missing in the picture, not much room is left for fantasizing, right?

Simply, where pleasure beats business, discretion is a must - and the same goes for Ashley Madison.

If you are looking for a quick getaway from your spouse and switch things up in the raunchiest way, whilst still remaining under the radar and private, you'd be happy to learn that Ashley Madison has recently introduced two-factor verification.

This option provides members with an added level of controllable security, rigorous PCI compliance, and fully-encrypted browsing for your safest trysts.

Whether you are into secret flirts, the occasional fling, or a full-on raunchy affair, Ashley Madison allows you to get on with it and avoid curious eyes along the way.

Payment Features

Like most sites, Ashley Madison, too, allows its users to sign up for free.

However, when you want to get access to more exclusive features, the site offers three credit plans to choose from, as follow:

  • Basic Plan - $59 for 100 credits, or $0.59 per credit;
  • Classic Plan - $169 for 500 credits, or $0.34 per credit;
  • Elite Plan - $289 for 1000 credits, or $0,29 per credit.

Unlike other sites like it, Ashley madison does no monthly subscriptions, but as seen, uses credits. Purchasing these credits is done privately and conveniently, as the site uses a third-party platform for payments, whether by credit card or PayPal.

As an option, you can also trade in brand gift cards for an even bigger payment discretion. Such is the case with Home Depot, where a £149 gift card equals 600 credits.

Regardless of the package you choose, you are automatically subscribed to a Member Initiated Contact free trial, whereas for a single fee of £15.00 you can acquire unlimited mobile access to the site.

Ashley Madison: Which Features are Free?

Initial communication on the site requires the use of credits, all depending on the type of message you want to send.

As soon as you get an answer, you can exchange messages with that user for free. Replying to received messages and collecting them will require the use of credits, but once communication is established, you can proceed to interact free of charge.

The site also offers a live chat chat for a price, depending on your time spent in a certain chat room. Winks and unlocking galleries is a free feature, whereas virtual gifts are paid respectively.

Signing up and creating a profile
Initiating contact
Receiving messages
Uploading photos
Email notifications
Using the search function
Seeing all images and galleries
Responding to messages

Success Rate of the Site

Ashley Madison is not a site that offers excessive options, but simplified and specially targeted matches. That said, the site promotes real-life affairs with men seeking women, women seeking men, and everything in between.

Keep in mind, the site does not use live cams or webcam chat showrooms, as most of its users are into meeting face-to-face and asap. As for the success rate of the site, after interacting with 100 female users using two different messages, these are the numbers acquired as a result:

Text message 1: 'Hi. I think you're beautiful. What are you doing tonight?'
Woman Contacted Responses Percentage
50 11 22% response rate
Text message 2: 'Looks like we're in the same boat - it's time to sink or swim!'
Woman Contacted Responses Percentage
50 42 84% response rate

On Ashley Madison, women like to have fun so classic flirting might not work.

While you might have the most optimized profile on the site, it is your creative messages and witty first-contact techniques that will grant you more matches.

Needless to say, compliments work like a charm!

If you found yourself in any of the above and you're hoping to engage in a private, discrete and super-hot affair, Ashley Madison is definitely your kind of platform.

The only question left to ask now is:

How bad do you want it?