Sky-High Pleasures Await!

The first rule of the Mile-High Club? Indulge the senses and elevate your pleasure!

The second rule of the Mile-High Club? Keep it low-key and don’t settle for less than mind-blowing aircraft sex!

If you love to get down and dirty at take-off, airplanes make quite the sex thrill to relish. Exhilarating and kinky like no other intimate pleasure, the Mile-High club invites you to take part in the hottest airplane action you’ve seen in years. While not the latest sex fetish out there, airplane sex has long been a favorite among fans of sultry pleasures - done differently. Kinda risky, kinda fun - you can book your ticket to a wild erotic ride to remember - and take your pleasure places!

Forget about bedroom sex as we know it, naughty airplane pleasures are ready to kick off one-mile into your trip- and just keep on coming. The Mile-High club might seem like the fanciest place to get hot and heavy at, but rest assured - me, you, and everyone else is welcome aboard the pleasure plane. While no official invitation is waiting for you on the other side of the deal- if you decide this exclusive club is the right fit for you- join in right off the bat and have yourself a merry little sex action.

The Mile-High Club has long been mentioned as one of the dirtiest sex kinks to experiment with, and for a good reason. Legend has it, it was wealthy playboy Lawrence Sperry who first introduced the kink way back in 1916. After giving flying lessons to a betrothed madam residing in NYC, Perry found it cozy to fool around right there- in the middle of a very narrow (and sweaty!) cockpit. Word also has it that this little tryst between two eager lovers ended in a mass plane crash down at the bay. Luckily, no major harm was done, well, except for the naked awkwardness following the rescue of two naughty lovers.

Not a club person? Worry not, the Mile-High Club asks no questions, just lets you have all the sexy fun you can get your hands on. Keep in mind, however- although a deliriously indulging pleasure, this club is not your run-off-the-mill scenario. While getting your hot on is guaranteed, as is the taboo vibe that comes with the experience, there’s still the risk of exposure and getting caught in the middle of the action!

To avoid the drama or being busted altogether, here is a thorough guide on how to make the most of your sky-high experience and ensure yourself a no-risk adult entertainment- tailored to your expectations.

The Sexy Seat

If you thought your seat is the dullest place for a steamy session- you don’t know how to play your cards right! What are your options for a hot and seated rendezvous under the radar?

A Handjob!

Rubbing one out in the comfort of your seat is as delicious as it sounds. As a personal favorite to many, handjobs and backseats are a known recipe for successful sexing, especially when everyone’s asleep. Perfect for red-eye passengers, this scenario guarantees you less curious eyes on you, fewer visits from your flight attendant, and all the more thrill. The secret to pulling off a successful backseat handjob is to use blankets and cover up the action beneath. In terms of technique and skills, once cozy and settled, take turns in providing pleasure instead of going for it simultaneously.

That way, one person can always be on the lookout for prying eyes, while the other gets a fair share of down-below action. Another trick to try is to use your tray table, pulling it down to mask the hand action. Don’t rush yourself into the experience, but go slowly and elaborately, thus both building tension and arousal and delivering a nice, wet finish.

A Blowjob!

Feeling bolder and in need to bolster your pleasure to great heights? Blowjobs make way for the kinkiest airplane play and can feel quite explosive if you know your way around them. Again, it’s best to fool around once everyone’s settled down in their seats and no curious glances are coming your way. The key to making a blowjob work in a backseat row is to control your head bobbing. Quite the noticeable motion, you see, grab a blanket for extra cover and kneel as lower as possible so your head doesn’t stick out from the seat gaps.

Just as with handjobs, pull down your tray but keep in mind not to smack your head on your way back from OrgasmTown. As for the receiving partner, keep’em sounds to a minimum and keep the pleasure all to yourself.

The Discreet Lavatory

Got your eye on the cozy and private bathroom space right at the end of the seats? Let’s make some magic happen! Here are some of the best options for the sultriest wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am quickie.

Doggy Style

A super-practical option for your sexy craft affairs is the good ole’ doggy style. Have the woman stand against the mirror, while supporting her arms on the sink and giving you free access from behind. If needed, let her lift one of her legs for a smoother and gliding penetration. Given the small space that you’re in, this position requires well use of your room. So, it might be smart to head to the bathroom individually and check out the room before visiting together. Know your playground, folks: no one wants to ring the alarm or - heavens forbid - unlock a door by mistake!

The Stand

Bathroom toilets might not be the fanciest of objects to rely on for sexiness, but come as practical when you need extra steadiness and, if I may add, versatility. Use the toilet (covered, of course) or the lavatory mini-stand to engage in some in-his-lap action or the ever-popular reverse cowgirl.

For a bit more spaciousness, have the woman pull her legs together while you do the same, thus ensuring comfort and dynamics at the same time. For a reverse use of the toiler/stand, have the woman sit down and rest her legs against the sink. Yes, you might need to kneel down or squat for this one, but man oh man- it’s so worth it! One smart tip to keep in mind when enjoying lavatory lovemaking is not to rest against the front door as it might alarm the staff of something ‘fishy’ happening behind closed doors.

Although you have little time to take sex from A to Z, try not to rush excessively. If needed, get warmed up ahead of time and go for the experience with a ready-to-go boner.

The Extras

Interestingly, if on a private plane, you’ll find many companies that designed small restrooms specifically for ‘hot and heavy’ play- an odd but obviously necessary solution! Even more intriguing, some of these planes also offer a full Mile-High Club experience, and have pre-determined lover packages, oftentimes including a glass of rosé, a box of chocolates, refined boudoir settings, and the occasional blanket to keep you warm and take home as memorabilia.

Buckle up, lovebirds, it’s time to rock and roll, plane-style!