Nail Hooking Up, Off the Hook: Here’s How

Are dating sites the greatest invention for singles and curious daters worldwide?

Heck yes, they are!

Abundant in options and services, dating sites bound to connect you to like-minded individuals, curious to date out of the ordinary. However, among all the benefits, one of the main downsides of using dating sites is the occasional ghosting.

Emailing a promising dating candidate can be both nerve-racking or exciting- depending on how you look at it.

But, what happens when there’s no response on the other side? Are you supposed to wait a lifetime for a reply or quit altogether? Do you, perhaps, go for a second email, just to ensure you’re on the right track?

It’s true, handling unfortunate no-answer situations is no fun for anyone. However, if you care to leave out the anticipation and create a favorable dating scene, here are the tips and tricks to help you boost both your email and dating game.

1. Read Profiles Carefully

Skimming through profiles might seem like the easy way out in finding a date, but it can also result in an unfavorable outcome. Therefore, it is crucial you take your time in finding a suitable candidate to email.

Doing your research oftentimes involves reading profile bios carefully and understanding what the other person is looking for in a date. This type of dating homework is necessary to do as it helps you both save time and avoid potential mismatches.

For instance, if a bio notes ‘no singles’ and here you are –single and ready to party- perhaps its best to move onto a more suited candidate. When you do find a compatible match, though, a smart trick to try is to write a relevant line in your message, one that shows the other party you are on the same page.

2. Letters, Who?

While it might be romantic and all, gone are the days of lengthy letters and professing likeness on paper. Instead of this almost Victorian technique, why not opt for a personalized and simple message to help you introduce yourself?

If personalizing an email requires putting in an extra effort, then so be it- it’s your best chance of finding a match. Of course, no one enjoys small talk and cliché pick-up lines. Therefore, ensure your message is not just original, but also, intended for that one specific person you’re reaching out to.

Struggling to find the right words to make your acquaintance?

Share one of your favorite quotes to spark up a conversation or simply - start with yourself and introduce a few things you’d like the other person to know.

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

The Internet makes a superb place to become whoever you want to be, but not when it comes to dating. As it turns out, pretending to be something you are not can have quite a contradictory effect. Not only can it blow your cover when you finally meet your date, but it also leaves the wrong impression and labels you as a liar.

There’s plenty of truth in saying that honesty is the best policy, and this especially applies when arranging online dates. Although somewhat of a redundant point to make, pretending to be something you are not will surely come back to haunt you and, likely, kill your odds of finding a decent date.

4. First Emails are Always the Hardest

Dating, in general, and through dating sites, is all about nailing that first impression. In your particular case, sending that initial email can pose stress and uncertainty, but at the end of the day, it is all about keeping the message short and sweet.

When it comes to what to include in that first email, try not to overshare or go all-classic with the wording. Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest ones, so keep the message short, flirty to an extent, and informative, too.

5. Email, but Make It Original

In today’s world of dating, nothing makes a greater impression than an original approach.

If creativity and innovation are not your forte, let me give you a few pointers to help you out. First things’ first, drop the clichés. Telling your potential date that she’s super-hot and makes you horny sounds like a 90s flick, and that kind of language just won’t do. Instead, if you possess a great sense of humor, use it to your advantage to both lighten up the mood and spark up interest on the other side.

6. Drop the Slang

Modern-day dating seems to be all about abbreviations and reading between the lines. Well, let me tell you, there should be no shortcut to the way you communicate, so the abbreviations have to go. Moreover, steer clear of using street slang and instead, try including a fun movie or song reference.

While certain abbreviations might work to your benefit, going overboard with the lingo is no bueno.

I mean, everyone will tell you - horny teenage language is so-o-o-o last decade.

7. Don’t be a Douche

On one hand, you want to sell yourself as a person and let the other person know just how cool and special you are. And while that is completely fine, overpraising yourself can easily come off as humble-bragging.

If you are serious about finding a potential match, overselling the brand of ‘you’ should have no place in your conversations. Self-centered behavior is unacceptable in the dating world, and chances are- if you continue the brag party, you’ll be spending quite some time in your own company.

8. A Picture Speaks a Million Words

The visual effect has always made a difference in dating, which brings up the importance of choosing your photos wisely. Even if you decide not to show your face - which you have every right to do, you should include photos that emphasize your best features.

Got strong abs or a nice, round booty? Show them off!

Other types of photos that work like a charm include snaps of you being active or doing a hobby. Whether painting, skiing, swimming, or arts, let the ladies (or gents!) see you for who you are.

9. Question?

As a bonus tip, encourage your potential date to engage in the conversation by asking a question yourself.

Just writing words or demanding a response won’t do the trick, but asking something as simple as ‘I noticed you love dogs, how many do you have?’ can both show your interest in that person and the desire to connect on a more personal level.