Getting Over The Sex Toy Taboo

The first time I handled a sex toy I was dying of laughter inside, cuz ‘ha-ha, rubber penis’ was still funny. But now that I’m older, I truly don’t understand how fully grown men and women, still consider the topic of sex toys taboo. I mean, sure, it’s not a topic we should casually talk about over the dinner table on a family gathering but in closed circles, when it’s ok to talk about sex we should talk about sex toys too. Let’s get over the whole sex toys taboo topic and let’s go over a few things.

It’s completely normal

I know a lot of people have the misconception that they’re the only person doing that thing in the world, no one else. They’re the only people who have a kink, the only people who masturbate or the only people in the world who wear the same shirt two days in a row. They’re not and you’re not the only person in the world who likes to use sex toys. It’s perfectly normal and has been since the prehistoric times judging by the oldest siltstone phallus found in a cave 30,000 years ago. I mean, if Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble could use them, why shouldn’t we in all of this modern day glory?

Men use them too!

While we’re making tiny, tiny steps towards removing the stigma around women’s sex toys, we’re still thousands of years late in removing it for men’s sex toys. Interestingly enough, if you ask a woman with drawers full of sex toys what she would do if she found her partner was using a sex toy, she’d be horrified. And she really shouldn’t be. Men have their own sexual needs and kinks, and much like a woman gets a different satisfaction from a toy, men need a little spice in their alone time. Opening up your mind and exploring new ideas and concepts, could significantly improve your sex live.

Kinks need toys!

Whether you want to dominate or be dominated by your partner, or you like sexy roleplay, it’s completely fine and up to you, so long it’s with consent on both sides. We all have our kinks and turn ons in bed and that’s perfectly one. BDSM for instance is arguably the most popular and widespread kink, but it too requires a special assortment of sex toys. Handcuffs, floggers, leather paddles, nipple name it. Most kinks involve toys and you shouldn’t deprive yourself - or your partner - from the pleasure.

Your partner’s toy isn’t trying to replace you!

Another important thing most people have a problem with when it comes to sex toys, is their insecurity and self-consciousness that their partner isn’t satisfied if they’re using sex toys. Wrong! While I understand how easy it is to fall down the rabbit hole of self-pity and insecurity, but people use sex toys - for the most part- to enhance their pleasure not because they’re deprived of it. Sex toys bring a new dimension to sex and orgasm and for many people masturbating is an activity that want to spice up. Let’s face it, it gets boring to use the same hand, same fingers, same speed and same setting. So don’t think that your partner is not satisfied and they’re compensating with a toy because that is not the case.

With all of this being said, let’s go over it once more: Sex toys are normal for both men and women. No one is trying to replace anyone, as there’s nothing like the real deal, everyone is just trying to add some spice in their masturbation sessions. If you’re embarrassed about getting your secret collection discovered, there are many ways that you can hide them, including buying items that are disguised as household objects.I mean, just imagine the gag of having all of your friends over for lunch and you’ve put a dildo as the centerpiece - simply brilliant!