Easing Your First Date Nerves

First dates can be messy, awkward and definitely nerve-racking. If you let the nerves get the best of you, you might lose your chance at an enjoyable first date. Whether you’re looking for a relationship partner, or a simple hook up, your nerves and anxiety can ruin your chances at getting either one. So what to do to ease your first date nerves?

Rub one out

Let’s face it, masturbating is a great way to relive the pent up tension and frustration. After you rub one out, you surely are in a blissful state where you feel relaxed and chill. Rubbing one out before the date will help calm your nerves and you won’t be all jittery at the dinner table. Don’t over do it tho or else you might not be able to perform well, if sex is on the desert menu. Only once should be enough for the appetizer.

Be yourself

You’re probably eye-rolling to infinity or face palming right now at how cliched this advice is, but trying to impress someone or being something that you’re not is very nerve racking. Your mind is constantly going into overdrive of what to do and what to say next and overthinking makes you more nervous than you already are. Try to be yourself while still polite and courteous in front of your date. It’s better for them to get to know you for who you really are, instead of pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s easy to catch yourself in a lie and super hard to keep up a facade, especially if you’re planning on a second date. So just be your normal self and enjoy your date as much as you can.

Get to know them beforehand

Don’t stalk your date, but getting to know the person you’ll be spending your night with might ease up your nerves. Maybe check social media and see their interests, places they’ve visited, hobbies they have. It gives a personality to the face and the name and it gives you more topics to talk about. Be careful if you do mention something you’ve learned to avoid looking like a creep. Instead maybe start talking about their favorite place to visit or casually bring up that you saw on their social media that they’re interested in something in particular. Again...don’t sound like a creep!

They’re probably nervous too

Almost everyone gets a bit jittery before a first date because it’s normal. Knowing that they’re just as nervous as you and, if not more, and that you’re not alone will probably ease your nerves a bit. It’s an icebreaker for sure, to lightly joke about how nervous you are. It could put both of you at ease, knowing that you both have butterflies in your stomachs.

Just go for it

Don’t put off the first date as you can only cancel so much before your date loses interest and moves on to the next. You’ll regret missing a chance with a nice date just because of your nerves. Take a deep breath, get out of the overthinking loop and go and have fun. And if it doesn’t work? At least you tried and showed up!