The Real Flavor of Life!

When we list tasty things and favorite flavors, it’s highly unlikely someone will put plain cum on the top of their list - and while oral sex is a highly pleasurable activity, it should be so on both ends, not just on the receiving one. Nevertheless, here are a few things you can do to add some flavor to the otherwise sharp tasting jizz:

Watch what you eat!

A healthy diet and lifestyle, believe or not, can contribute to a better tasting semen. We know, it sounds far fetched, but there are studies that show a correlation between healthy food and the taste of semen. Things like pineapples, mangoes, blueberries, and plums are said to help ‘sweeten up’ your load as they are naturally high in sugar.

Wheatgrass, cinamon, lemon and parsley can also help battle the tanginess of jizz.

Celery is also a great vegetable rich with vitamin C that will help flush out the saltiness. Eating healthy will not only keep your body weight in check but also make you taste better. So next time when you go grocery shopping, keep your seeds in mind and add these products to your grocery list.

Cut down on vices!

In the same fashion that a healthy diet and lifestyle can improve not only your overall health but your cum too, bad diet and poor lifestyle choices can make it worse. Smoking, drinking excessively and abusing drugs all affect the way you taste. Excessive caffeine intake could also make your jizz taste bitter, so lay off the trenta cold brew at Starbucks.

Aside from the obvious vices and addictions, there are certain foods that can alter - in a very bad way - the way you taste down south and you should probably avoid. Red meat can make your seme taste salty and food high in sulfur like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower can intensify the taste - in a really bad way. Like Caffeine, fast food and other processed foods can cause your jizz to taste bitter and unless your partner likes eating the orange peels - they won’t appreciate the taste. And if you’ve ever eaten Asparagus, you’ve noticed how it affects your pee so imagine that happening to your jizz as well. Truly mouthwatering!

H2O - Lots of it!

This might not be the most obvious thing, but hear us out. Your cum is made up of water mostly so it’s only natural to assume that water intake can make it taste better. Drinking 8-10 glasses a day, as recommended by doctors, can help you stay hydrating and flush out the saltiness and bitterness that your jizz might have. In any case, you’ll definitely need the extra hydration when you’re done with the devil’s tango.

Clean up well!

Aside from changing your eating habits, there are external things that can make your jizz taste better. And no, it’s not slathering up your member with chocolate sauce, although that might help too. What we suggest, and we feel it should go without saying, is proper hygiene! While hygiene can’t alter the taste as much as foods can, if your tool is clean it won’t make it taste even worse.

In any case, the way your semen looks, tastes and smells is a good indicator of your overall health. So, your partner will definitely know when you’ve been taking better care of yourself. Keep a balanced diet, lead a healthy lifestyle and your cum will reflect that!